Thurgood Marshall College History

Thurgood Marshall College affords students the advantages of attending a small liberal arts college within a world-class research university. Distinguished faculty and an excellent student body contribute to UCSD's rise to national prominence within its short history.

TMC was founded in 1970 as Third College with a philosophical commitment to the development of the scholar and citizen. In July of 1993, the college adopted its new name in honor of the historic Supreme Court Jurist, Thurgood Marshall. Justice Thurgood Marshall was widely known for his profound contributions to American life, and dedication to breaking down barriers to universal education.

What Distinguishes TMC?
  • Our motto: "The student as scholar and citizen", social responsibility and academic excellence go hand in hand.
  • The spirit of community, as captured in TMC's logo of three joined hands.

Tessa Ooley, TMC Alumni

Living in Marshall

The majority of first year students live in the residential halls, while all continuing students live in the apartments and townhomes. The apartments are split into uppers (closest to OVT and next to Marshall Field) and lowers (next to Hopkins Parking Structure and Fireside Lounge). Upper residences are built as 5 person apartments with 2 double rooms and a single, whereas lower residences are townhomes located in a protected Eucalyptus grove with 2 single rooms and a double room in most residences. Check out the Marshall Res Life page to see layouts of the suites and apartments.

Residential Halls

Upper Apartments

Lower Apartments

Dining in Marshall

Ocean View Terrace

Marshall College houses Ocean View Terrace (OVT), a popular dining facility that overlooks the ocean. Students can also buy groceries, chipotle-style (make-your-own) burritos, salads, sandwiches, and coffee at Goody's.

Things to Do in Marshall

  • Eat a breakfast burrito at OVT.
  • Watch the sun set from the OVT patio.
  • Walk to the cliffs for sunset.
  • Cheer loudly to help Marshall win spirit night!
  • Play ultimate frisbee on Marshall field.
  • Lay out on "the hump" for a sun tan.
  • Play volleyball on the res halls sand volleyball court.
  • Play tennis and basketball in the uppers.

Marshall Student Organizations

Marshall is home to numerous student run organizations that students can get involved with.

Residential Organizations:
TMTV (Thurgood Marshall Television Station)

Student Affairs Organizations:
TMSC (Thurgood Marshall Student Council)
TRES (Transfer and Re-Entry Students)
Marshallpalooza Committee


Marshall's most popular tradition is Marshallpalooza an annual concert with carnival booths and a ferris wheel held on Marshall field.

TMC Spirit Crew

Spirit Night

Marshall has always been a strong contender in the annual Spirit Night Competition.
Marshall College won the coveted Spirit Night Trophy (see photo on right) in 2007, 2004, 2003, and 1995 (source).
Marshall placed second in the Spirit Night Competition in 2008, 2006, 2005, 2002, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, and 1996 (source).


Marshall won the Golden Shoe at the UnOlympics most recently in 2011!

Marshall waited many long years to win its first-ever UnOlympics in 2010.
View the 2010 UnOlympics Video from TMTV:

Current Students & Alumni

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Visual Arts: Media
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Karlyn Nieland
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