academics.pngFun Electives to Take
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Chem 11
The Periodic Table
Human Nutrition
Gospel Choir (a must take!)
Music 15
The Beatles
Vis 70N
Proper Filming and Editing Techniques

Writing Programs
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Culture, Arts, Technology torreytrust torreytrust 0 35 Nov 30, 2011 by torreytrust torreytrust
Making of the Modern World torreytrust torreytrust 0 26 Nov 30, 2011 by torreytrust torreytrust
Muir Writing torreytrust torreytrust 0 20 Nov 30, 2011 by torreytrust torreytrust
Humanities torreytrust torreytrust 0 35 Nov 30, 2011 by torreytrust torreytrust
Dimensions of Culture (DOC) torreytrust torreytrust 0 36 Nov 30, 2011 by torreytrust torreytrust
Warren Writing torreytrust torreytrust 0 52 Nov 30, 2011 by torreytrust torreytrust

Tips for Success
  • Take as many electives as possible, especially during your first two years of college.
  • Test out the different fields of study you may enjoy pursuing before declaring a major or finding an internship.
  • Ask roommates, teammates, and faculty for recommendations on electives.
  • If you have a really hard quarter of classes scheduled, take one “easy” or fun class outside of your major to lighten your workload.
  • Switch majors or declare a minor if you take a few electives from a certain field and realize you enjoy that area of study.

  • Realize that you do not have to make any decision or do anything hard alone – there is always someone available to help.
  • Find a mentor for any area you may need support, guidance, or help (academics, career, life).
  • If your school offers a mentoring program – get involved!
  • Look for mentors at your college: professors, academic advisors, staff, teammates
  • Notice the people that are taking extra steps to help you out (these could be your mentors without directly telling you so).
  • Make sure you and your mentor take the time to make your relationship worthwhile.
  • Look for a mentor who not only supports you, but also challenges and critiques you to help you grow.
  • Constantly remind your mentor how much you appreciate their help.